Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mint Jelly

I like trying new things, so today it's dadadada! MINT JELLY! Are you jelly?

I love jam/jelly/etc... as long as it can be spread onto my toast who cares! I was a little sceptic at first I like mint gum, but I'm no fan of breath mints. Another reason I was originally sceptic of trying this out was because when I bought it ... it looked blue! The lighting at the store was so bad, but I decided to brave it out and so...
The green blob was born! When I first put the jelly on my toast I didn't expect it to be so watery, or clumpy. Although it's viscosity was a little unexpected it's smell was of a light mint just enough to appeal to the sense of smell.

Now it's finished product on my toast! I ate the whole thing in no time! The balance of mint and sweetness is delectable. It's definitely a nom nom nom! I made my husband try it out, he's always saying that green is the best flavour to anything. But, in this instance he didn't like it at all. Oh well.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January boredom

Yes I am bored, what will I write about you ask? About my day I guess.

My best guy friend (besides my man), my son and I hung out for the most part of the day and talked about some issues that were bothering him, like ... you know what I'm just going to post this...

I stumbled on this today while I was in a bad mood, because my son took the food from the freezer and poured powerade all over. While I was cleaning it the food was all soggy and smelt of vomit. I was furious, so I put my son in "time out" for a while and decided mommy needs a break. I went on Youtube and saw a new video MichelleGlavan posted, I noticed it was originally JennaMables so I watched the original. I am in love with her youtube work, so this video uped my opinion on her.

This cheered me up, I hope it cheers a few women who are down :).

Friday, January 6, 2012

Five finger food discount

I've been working at the same Chinese restaurant since July 2011, I honestly love it and the people I work with, and for. I also love my regular customers, even some of the more unorthodox characters. But this post isn't about how much I love my job.

I work 2 buffets a week (we only have 2 buffet days Sunday and Thursday) every week, Sunday mornings and Thursday nights. Yesterday night I was only doing my job, serving customers their drinks and some were food orders and not buffet. Also I must say there's only one waitress per shift unless there's  reservation of 15+ on top of everything.

A young woman with 4 kids come in and her mother (the kids grandmother) I serve them with a smile ask them if they'd like to order from the menu or eat buffet, then ask them what they would like to drink. The two adults are content with having the buffet each (13.45$ ea), the eldest girl would also want buffet (7.95$), the 4 and 5 year old would share a kid's combo 1 (5.99$) which has 1 egg roll, 3 chicken balls and chicken fried rice, the fourth child is a newborn.

I turn to bring the two girls there plates and utensils for the kid's combo, but to my surprise they already have each a plate, I think nothing of it. I go back to serving others, I look back to the group and the two youngest girls (4+5) are eating egg rolls, take note I haven't brought them their combo. I thought of giving them a "pass" when you work for Chinese bosses there is no such thing as a "pass". I bring them the combo when it's ready, the girl closest to me is now eating Lo Mein, so on their bill I write SK Buffet (4.00$). At the end of there meal they asked for the Combo to be packed to go, which I did with no hesitation. I come back to find all 3 of the children having jello, the thing about jello is that it's a "Buffet only item" it's not on the menu. Then they open the to-go box and the mother puts her egg roll in it, I than charge her 1.25$ for the eggroll. I'm not sure if people know what ALL YOU CAN EAT means.

The grandmother come to pay the bill with no complaints she then after asks for the receipt, no problem I give her it. I go in back for a moment and look at my co-worker telling him that a lady will come in front and probably argue with me about her bill, if possible would he calm her down if it gets out of hand. I go back in front and sure enough she's there with a scowl and asks me what's an SK Buffet 4.00$ and that she never ordered this. I told her calmly that it was because the two youngest girls had eaten from the buffet, she had replied that they hadn't. I then start telling her about the egg rolls, she replies that the Kid's combo come with an egg roll, I reply with "Yes, mama although that is true. The girls were eating egg rolls way before their meal was even made." her second response was "That was my egg roll I couldn't eat it.". Knowing all too well that she had just lied on top of a lie, and that she had been caught trying to get out of paying her meal. I stopped trying to justify why I had charged her and pointed to the 1.25$ and said and that's for the egg roll your daughter put away. She was so angry she looked at me in my eyes and said I will NEVER come to this restaurant ever again, she and the girls left I saw them off and told them all "Happy new year, and have a good night."

I then after talk with my boss and co-worker that was on duty that day, I told them I should have charged them for 2 4.00$ buffets, but I didn't. I was told I did the right thing and that people try to get free meals all the time and think that kids eat free. Although my boss told me I should have charged the 5 year old 7.95$ instead of 4.00$. I also talked with my customers about it, they all agreed that you should pay for what you eat, and that once she'd think things through she'd realize how silly it was to flip out in a restaurant. In all honesty I gain NOTHING! By charging her an extra 5.25$, no increase in tip, no increase in pay, nothing to gain. I just can't stand by and let someone steal from someone else. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Is being illiterate cool now a days?

While I was working the dishwasher (girl who does dishes) and I were having a conversation. Knowing all too well that she and my cousin have been dating for a year she's been admitted to the cousin-in-law circle. We had a few meaningless conversation, small talk if you will, but eventually I brought up the subject of reading. Just at the word reading she responded "I hate reading, there's no point, you never learn anything.", this was an honest shock. Do young people now a days think there are no benefits to reading a book, the news paper or even an article online?

I know we hear this enough, people always putting the fault of illiteracy or of just plain ignorance to spelling towards the internet. I agree that the internet might have some and I do say SOME blame, but it's not at fault. All those acronyms and short forms of "chatting" for example lol (Laugh Out Loud), ok, kay, k or kk (Okay), OMG (Oh My God), ASAP (As Soon As Possible), BRB (Be Right Back), LMAO (Laugh My Ass Off), Rents (Parents) etc etc. I for one have no problem with the acronyms or the short forms that the youth uses today, my problem's only in the fact that some of them don't know how to spell out those words. One fact that shocks me more in more is the fact that most of our youth thinks that okay or O.K. is really spelled ok it's accepted,  I guess it's not really a big difference than O.K. and ok.

I love reading, and the only reason I can think of why I like reading is because of my mother and my father. Reading's never been a strong point to my childhood friends, they were never big on reading. My father was the one who read to me every night and when I got a little older, I'd read to him. My mother was the one who read around me, she'd have the television on but have her nose in a book, if she wasn't baking or knitting. Thanks to my father I learnt to read and thanks to my mother I continued reading through the basic instinct of "Monkey see monkey do".

But another thing that the "dishwasher" said "There are better things to do with your time, like drinking." I for one approve for the social gathering and "sloshing" if you will, but all moderated not ALL THE TIME! If you're one of those people who find reading useless ... then ask yourself what you've been doing these past few minutes on my blog. You'll be surprised by the answer.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Late night come home work sucks I know,

Believe it or not when you ask how long your order's going to take at a Chinese restaurant they wont answer "5 minute!" I'm saying this because I started working at this Chinese restaurant named La's as a waitress a week and a half ago. I'm no longer in training I'm doing my own thing, but I'll tell you the anecdote of how I got to waitress at La's.

The waitress before me had just finished her first day of training and that night she went celebrating. Although she ended up celebrating too hard, she landed a good old hangover. Her neighbor who's also one of the assistant chef's of La's and a good friend of mine, was forced to stay up all night due to the commotion.

The next day (her second day of training) it was nearing 5:30pm and she still hadn't shown up for work, while her shift started at 4:00pm. The waiter (only one male waiter) called her up asking her if she would be in, she responded with "Sorry I just woke up.". With this she calls back a half hour later telling the waiter "I'm sick I can't make it in.", so the assistant chef tells the waiter about the ruckus last night.

I get a call at 6pm I'm taking a cat nap with my hubby, it's the waiter (we graduated together), he asks me if I'm still looking for a job, I respond with a "Sort of." he tells me they need a new waitress stat. I wasn't too interested, so he puts on the assistant chef, he's plea was "Jess, please work here! It's the only time I get to relax. It'd be nice to work with you, and see you more." Still not convinced this went on for a good ten minutes, and so I caved in.

They call back the old waitress and tell her "You don't need to come back to work we've found someone else." I started the next day. The strange thing about this is that I never even put in my resume, just happen to be friends with two of the people who worked there. That's how I landed a job that pays 8.90 an hour. Not much but hey you work for tips.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The summer heat, melts my innards

I know that most people wail and complain about the weather regardless of how much we wished it would be here. I've been waiting for summer so I can buy a little sandbox and a plastic pool for my son. Excitements in my veins I couldn't wait for the season! After all this is his first official summer, I don't count the last one since he was 4 months old, hardly old enough to do anything at all. I know all too well that he won't remember this summer, the rock/leaf/pine-cone/and other various collecting adventures to come, the fact that he's trying to eat sand, his first BBQ, etc. He won't remember but I will and the memories will be all the more cherished. It's easier to keep memories/thoughts/pictures thanks to the technologies of today. I no longer have to get my pictures developed out of a disposable camera, now I can upload them onto my computer or on the net. Diaries was something all so secretive and sacred, don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's no longer sacred, I've got one (although nothings written in it). Now it's very popular although it's not called a diary per-say it's a blog, now people of all ages can write down was they fell/believe/think/remember/imagine on the net. I've got to admit though I am sweating balls ... is that even possible for a women to do? Summer is a hot time, that reveals all my freckles and shows me oh so how out of shape I've gotten. My girls still call me skinny, my man says I've got a belly, which I don't like very much ever since I gave birth ... oh so wrinkly. All in all I hope for a memorable summer with my friends and close nit family. And A LOT OF EMBARRASSING PHOTOS TO USE AGAINST MY SON! ... When he gets a girlfriend that is, I am an evil mother ... who's exhausted and sick of the heat. The beginning is hard but the rest will be hell, I wish everyone the best of luck on your summer adventures, mine will be memorable.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Past

It's been nearly a year I've been waiting for Christmas to come. The day my son was  born I was so excited. Now nearly eleven months old he experienced his first Christmas. I was experiencing ulcers on the 25th he was fine and ready, he opened 5 gifts and left the rest to me. Although he can walk he received 3 walkers, what a joy. The sad part about Christmas is when it comes to sort through the toys. I don't want to insult someones gift by putting it away, but my living room is only so big. Christmas was definitely not what I was expecting, the tree was trimmed and white lights were hung around the house, music and Christmas cheer flooded the house and numerous Santas stalked people at every corner. My favorite of my three gifts this year is my coffee machine, that was bought by my ex/ baby's daddy. Although this year was fun, I was wondering. Why do kids seemed so scared of Old St-Nick? They become scared even before they hear of the tails of him creeping through the chimney and watching you while you sleep. Is it because of the weight issue? The non-grooming of facial hair? Or, perhaps they have a similar sense of danger like dogs have?  We will perhaps never know.

Happy holidays!